Soma is a dynamic hub for self-care and vibrant living. We understand busy lives and full schedules, and we believe that a little wellness in your week can go a long way. Fresh, contemporary, authentic, and welcoming, Soma is the destination for your regular dose of guilt-free you-time. Here, you’ll be encouraged to step away for a moment and enhance your regular routine with a signature menu of self-care treatments – guaranteed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Founded on a quest for providing a relaxing haven for maintaining balance and wellbeing - and a self-care routine that goes beyond a medical appointment or clinical-feeling procedure - Soma aims to restore peace of mind and add a look good, feel great factor to each and every treatment; on each and every visit.

We invite you to clear your head and close all those tabs that you regularly have open – for a second, a couple of hours, half a day... stay as long as you wish. From express aesthetics to full head-to-toe refreshment and relaxation, Soma is your studio spa. Seeking a regular reset in your day is not escaping your reality, but a proactive and positive step in achieving a happy, balanced self. The Soma philosophy is centred around wellness taking only a few minutes of your day, not needing a full 9 hours.

Soma Goods brings the best natural beauty products for you to enjoy you-time from the convenience of your bathroom.